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New Girl aka the new Friends???

So New Girl has always been a happy go lucky favorite of mine. I’ve rewatched the series on Netflix many times with my roommates, because it’s cute and gives me warm happy feelings when I need a laugh and am looking for some sort of hope for the future. So in it’s latest season premiere the six friends end up at a wedding where shenanigans happen but in the end the group grows stronger together.

Here’s what I have to say about it. I love each character on this show for many different reasons, but it was not apparent to me until this episode that the show has definitely geared toward the direction of the oh so popular nineties television show Friends. And this episode made it so apparent.

Now in the very beginning in season one, it was three guys and a girl living together, there were only four lives we really needed to keep track of and sometimes they had reoccurring guests that had an interesting problem that made us laugh. Well now there are four guys and two girls who have experienced friend-cest with one another and must deal with the sexual tension one might have with another and also stay friends through the crazy light-hearted shenanigans they go through together.

So right now Jess and Nick aren’t together anymore, and it’s well sad, and after four months of being broken up and living together they are both perfectly fine with going to numerous weddings together and watching each other pick up other people, and potentially bring them back to the apartment they share together. Okay weird.

So my question is in what universe would two ex-lovers be okay and comfortable with that. I would be crying to my best friend with a bowl of ice cream in my lap. So is it because they were friends first that they are so okay with moving on so quickly. I mean is this show the example we all need to say that men and women can be friends and that ex-lovers can be friends as well. Nick and Jess are definitely defying the odds, and that was when I realized the only other example of this type of relationship is Ross and Rachel from Friends. And the more I watched the more I realized how each of the six characters and the relationships they have with one another share similar traits to the original six friends that everyone fell in love with in the nineties.

Nick is Joey, but dirtier and not as pretty. Joey had game, he was an actor with a pretty face, and he was dumb, a mooch, and always a dependable guy. Nick is similar in that he is a bum, a mooch, and a dependable friend. I’d also argue that Coach resembles Joey in his aspect of being “the player” in the group of friends, however he holds some traits of Chandler as well.

The entire time while Coach was at the wedding, woman after woman rejected him for being the stereotypical asshole that sleeps with a woman and then never calls back. I felt like this was very odd of Coach because when he’s at home, he’s loveable and treats Jess with some respect, and he doesn’t have the best game in the world, anyways so therefore Chandler, because Chandler was socially awkward and could get laid but not as often as Joey.

Let’s move on to Schmidt, he is Monica. A neat freak, control freak, and obsessed with being in some sort of relationship, whether it’s merely sex or being CeCe’s boyfriend. He has been pining for CeCe since season one and in a way their relationship is a lot like Ross and Rachel where they will go off and on until the very end and finally be together. They might even end up having a kid together in the future seasons.

Which leads me to say that CeCe is Rachel. She’s beautiful and obsessed with fashion, and kind of the dumb blonde that Rachel was. CeCe can get laid when she wants and also be in a serious committed relationship if she wants, just like Rachel.

However, Jess also has traits of Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. She’s like all three characters in one. Like Rachel she is cute and has the ability to have a casual sex life. Like Monica she is responsible and hoping for a serious relationship in her near future. And like Phoebe she is weird and says things like “sex fist” and takes her time understanding she’s unintentionally making a sex joke. And her and Nick have a Ross and Rachel type relationship as well. You could say it’s a Chandler and Monica one because she helps change Nick into being a tad bit more responsible and they were friends for quite sometime before giving into their sexual feelings for one another.

Then we have Winston, who is Phoebe. He is the weird sort of outcast of the group. The group treats him like their child, as did the Friends posse with Phoebe and sometimes Joey. He also possesses Phoebe words of wisdom, ‘just be there, “ when helping Jess try to pick up the best man. His method is pretty smart but of course Jess is going to go over the top with it and do it her own quirky way.

I’m not saying this resemblance of Friends is a bad thing. I am a die-hard Friends lover; I’m simply pointing it out because for a while now there have been so many shows that tried too hard to become the new Friends and couldn’t do it and got canceled after a season or two. New Girl kind of fell into the vibe because I mean who doesn’t love a show where a group of friends all go home together after a long day of being rejected by potential suitors. It’s uplifting and hopeful to see that you can be in your late twenties or almost thirties and still have a niche of single friends that you can always lean on, because we all know how cruel and brutal the world can be when you’re single surrounded by happy paired off couples.

So I give New Girl props and permission to be the new Friends. I look forward to this upcoming season and the happy shenanigans that will distract me from reality.

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TV Shows

I am an avid television watcher and I’m not afraid to admit it!! On average I watch two-three shows a night, depending on the day and what is on of course. So now that it’s finally fall and shows are starting to come back on again, I’d like to commit this blog to updating whoever cares on the popular and even horrible shows that I watch. Here is my beginning list to what I will be watching, of course I am allowed to make alterations to my list.

New Girl
The Mindy Project
Sons of Anarchy
The Vampire Diaries
American Horror Story
Red Band Society
Modern Family
Faking It
Once Upon A Time
The Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Flash
2 Broke Girls
Grey’s Anatomy

Now all I ask is that no one gets mad if I do not write about every single show, because I do have some sort of life and writing about 10+ shows a night may not be plausible, BUT I will do my best. So starting tomorrow night, you will get an earful about NEW GIRL and THE MINDY PROJECT. Currently ranked as my two favorite shows that I have the most hopes for.

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  • Me: Taylor what kind of cake are you making?
  • My roommate: super moist white cake.
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My RANT on Teen Wolf season4 episode 6

What the fuck is going on?! Alright now that I got that out of my system I will proceed with my rant about how this episode was just a buffer episode filled with action so the audience still thinks they’re all badasses.

So where do I begin??

Kate. I never liked her, I always thought she was a pointless annoying bitch. I guess the show does need to try to gain a male audience. I have always told my guy friends they’d love how badass the show is, maybe now if I tell them about Kate Argent they’ll watch it.

Any who, Kate my questions for you are why do you get a tape? Was The Benefactor giving you a heads up, “Hey I’m gonna go kill the people you hate in Beacon Hills, but don’t tell them?” Seriously though her character is confusing and borderline pointless. Like yeah I get her character’s struggle is to figure out how to control being a werewolf, but again why does she get a tape? And what the fuck are her minions and why do they listen to her? I really hate having this many questions for one character…

Now onto Jordan Parish. What are you?!?! I mean besides Lydia’s new love interest, yep I’m predicting that. Is he a banshee, or maybe he’s The Benefactor and playing dumb, in order to gain the packs trust, and then he kills them all!!!! Oh I’m actually excited about his character development because a) he’s gorgeous b) he’s morally just c) he’s a pretty great fucking actor.

Aww and poor Derek!! What the fuck did Kate do to him?! I love how they are subtling hinting that he’s losing his powers. By far the best storyline. His character change is fantastic through the process too. But he can’t die, we all know that right? If he does he’ll come back as a ghost or maybe season 5 is all about him being human, like his wolf side dies, but human side lives!!

Mason. I’m suspicious. I mean he’s essentially Stiles but not as hyper and lazier. He’s questioning everything, acting as sort of the narrator of the show so people don’t get lost if they missed stuff. OR is he The Benefactor!?! OR the writers have no idea what they’re going to do with him so they’re keeping his options open and they might even decide to kill him or ship him off to London for boarding school.

So Scott trying to find Liam was pitiful! You are an ALPHA Scott! If you can yank a burning cord that’s meant to decapitate you, off your neck, I feel like you should be able to sniff out your Beta. But they did have a cute flashback scene between Alpha and Beta that was just so adorable.

Lydia and Stiles need to calm the fuck down. Yeah I get it they want/need to know who else is on the debt list but relax. I mean pushing and getting riled up won’t help any. I hope they learned their lesson cause seriously they should feel bad about Meredith’s death.

Another thought about that, um the evil asinine orderly! Could he be The Benefactor!?! I mean he’s obviously a dick and hates Stiles, and the scene of him taking the noose off Meredith’s neck could be the aftermath of him killing her. I don’t know just another suspect.

Oh and Scott and Stiles, I was worried they weren’t going to have a scene together. I mean you have to have a Scott and Stiles scene. And this scene was almost as precious as their scene before Stiles gets an MRI about being sick(which they never explained the correlation between him and his mom’s brains being the same btw). But still Scott and Stiles do everything together including take money to pay their parents bills that they caused, GO KIDS!

Now Peter. Peter, Peter, Peter. You’re awesome but just another villain buffer to have around for fucked up badass scenes. I wish they hadn’t included him in the comicon trailer revealing that he has a plan against Scott. Cause now I’m prepared and trying to figure it out. If they had left it out, I’d definitely be like wtf to Peter and probably not even notice him being evil.

I do give Teen Wolf props for always making me want to watch more. They have the best cliffhangers that don’t make me want to scream out in frustration.

That’s all for now!

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My Rant on: Pretty Little Liars season 5 episodes 6

So Pretty Little Liars, I have followed and watched you for the last five seasons. I have actually rewatched the first three seasons in order to see how Toby could possibly be A, and I even considered doing it again when EZRA was A, but by then I had began to give up on you, and here’s why.

So this season, season FIVE, it appears you are starting all over with a new A. They are seniors in high school, they should be graduating soon, so my first question: When’s graduation? Are they even going to be able to graduate considering how little time they spend on school? Is A going to follow them to college? Is this show going to pull a Boy Meets World, where all of the liars go to the same college, thinking everything will be fine and peachy and then DUN DUN DUN A shows up!

Next up Ali. Here’s my theory: She’s A.

Here’s why. So this season began with Aria killing Shana, the last A. So the girls think they’re safe because hooray A is dead. But then Mona and her army of losers begin plotting and being A like because they hate Allison, and I don’t blame them, she’s a bitch. So Ali is not on top at school or even on top in the liars group, because guess what sweetie they moved on and made other friends, because you leaving made them realize that you’re a bitch. So Mona threatens Ali, and this makes Ali realize she needs to do something to defeat the army of losers and get back on top, so why not become A.

Here’s the evidence pointing to her, she was the only one to receive texts from A, what happened to the whole group receiving them? So now you’re probably thinking yeah but she gets attacked by A and Emily saves the day. Umm HELLO Noel Kahn, and other strange friends she’s lied about. Ali could easily have someone attack her knowing at least one of the four liars will come looking for her. Because let’s not forget Ali was the first liar of them all. So I conclude with this, Ali is A because she wants to get back on top or she gets off on bullying, like they showed in all of the flashbacks from the first two seasons; she’s trying to gain sympathy from the other liars in order to keep them close, which is why Toby’s house blew up not the one they were all in because why would she kill herself.

Another note I’d like to add is this: either Ali is A or the writers have no idea who they are ultimately going to make A and are just writing suspenseful pot holes in order to keep the show alive. But if they stay on this route the show will have too many loose ends in order to have a concrete ending. We all got addicted to this show because we wanted to know who A is, so would you please just tell us already? Or at least give us concrete clues so we can try to figure it out on the way without getting frustrated with your loose strings!

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My thoughts and feelings on Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4

So this season is different and I’m not so sure how I feel about it. From the season premiere episode I didn’t think I would like this season because what I liked about Teen Wolf from the beginning was that it was a supernatural show that didn’t ignore the fact that the main characters were in high school. They always managed to loop in dating, grades, skipping school, lacrosse practice, and lying to the parents. But in the season premiere it focused on all things supernatural and made them all seem like perfect heroes, well not perfect but undefeated at least. But this episode caught my attention. Fair warning though I wasn’t happy with the overall story line.

For starters, Scott and Stiles, I love them. They’re great together and have been through a lot. So beginning the show with a failed Stiles and Scott plan was good and beneficial because it reminded us they are still naive kids that are still learning their plans won’t always work.

Now I want to look at the new character Liam. Why and what are they doing are my questions? Why are they making a beta for Scott, it was the last thing he wanted. Why isn’t he beating himself up for it? He was beating himself for breaking the kid’s leg in the last episode and now that he’s made him into a werewolf and he’s cool with it? Doesn’t seem very Scott like to me.

Then they introduced the freshman posse, I just about rolled off my couch when they had Mason questioning Liam, and Scott overlooking the scene and then magically disappearing. I loved that they were paralleling when Scott was turning but if this is a set up for a Teen Wolf: The Next Generation, I simply can’t keep going. TV shows need to realize they will have to end at some point, and closure is always nice for the audience. Leaving things open ended because produces are hopeful to keep making money off a side series or something similar is disgraceful for the audience.

I got scared a second time when the freshman girl kills the werewolf keg seller, like come one is there really another family of hunters, is Liam going to fall in love with her? But then our questions and worries are answered; the freshmen are the evil assassins trying to kill Derek and every other supernatural being in Beacon Hills. So then I question, why are they already showing the audience who they are? This leads me to believe that the freshman will be defeated in the next episode or two. I like that they don’t have the same villain in every episode but then I ask when will it end. When will the gang get smart enough to see their enemies before they are enemies? They’ve been dealing with evil spirits and other supernatural villains for so long you’d think they could tell whom they can and can’t trust by now.

I’d like to move on to Stiles and Malia’s relationship now. I’m on the fence with them. Stiles is being very caring and affectionate towards her, helping her with her homework and her transition to being human and not a coyote and helping her turn on full moons. However, I’m still team Lydia.

Watching Stiles help Malia during the full moon reminded me of how he helped Scott, which then gave me the sense that Stiles doesn’t really like her but cares for her sympathetically. Also she stole his virginity and keeps letting him sleep with her, or so they’ve implied, so this relationship does not seem so sincere.

I know I take TV relationships too seriously but the way Stiles pined and pined for Lydia and confessed so much about his love for her gives me hope that they will be together. Lydia even made the comment that she doesn’t date teenagers anymore; basically she’s waiting for Stiles to grow up still. He’s not ready for her yet, and ladies I think we can all agree that boys, especially teenage boys, still have a lot of growing up to do, constantly.

This brings me to Lydia, my favorite character. She has grown a lot from the first season where she pretended to be the dumb one, when really she’s the one that saves the day because she figures out all of the riddles and secrets (another reason why her and Stiles are perfect for each other, they are problem solvers and do not need each other to save each other, just to be with one another). So Lydia in this episode I loved. I give props to the writers for foreshadowing the cabin party. She needs a key to crack the mysterious code she wrote and bam her mother appears with a key a dangling in the air saying don’t break anything, don’t drink the wine, and comments on animal scratches in the basement. And what happens, a party happens, where stuff breaks, kids drink the wine, Malia scratches her basement and Lydia finds her key, Allison. How perfect and sentimental, because we can’t just forget about Allison and how important she was to the group. Lydia is great because it’s perfect that she’s the smartest one in the group because the quirks that come with being a banshee would make anyone feel crazy, but she embraces it and is able to use her brain to solve problems.

I almost forgot, Derek and Stilinski and Peter. This trio is great. But I’d like to know why they haven’t informed Scott or Stiles about this evil ax murderer. Also why doesn’t Scott or Stiles call Derek when dealing with the Liam problem? Derek usually has the answer and he’s got enough brawn to save the day, same with Peter. Scott usually ends up asking Peter for help so why not now. Oh that’s right he doesn’t think, he just kills.

Now I’d like to end with Scott. He’s great and caring but I think he forgets he’s a werewolf. The entire time when he’s trying to figure out how to deal with Liam I was screaming “YOU ARE AN ALPHA, GROWL DAMNIT!” Nope he just lets Liam run wild, and then once he’s reminded by his dead first love’s wise father that he needs to use his own words I thought okay maybe now he’ll growl, nope just flashes his eyes. Can MTV not afford to put wolf make up on him or something? Is it because he still worries about controlling himself during the full moon? At least explain it!

Anyways that’s my rant about Teen Wolf, stay tuned for more. I’m a 21 year old that gets off on watching TV shows meant for teenagers :)

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